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In The Wind

by Fhena

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This song is just like a child. I gave birth but I don’t own it…it cannot be owned because it was sent for a purpose far greater than me. This one is not about charting, sales or anything of that nature. It is time, in the midst of the turmoil we are collectively experiencing to hear from those that have journeyed to the other side. We could have never expected to be in times like this, so suddenly and so absolutely. It is the job, the function of the artist to step forward in these moments and offer comfort and inspiration, distraction and joy, and a remembrance that in the midst of, we can still find wellness. My heart goes out to everyone who has experienced lost, and my spirit aligns with you that you will allow the grieving process to serve you and that you will always listen for your loved one In the Wind.


In The Wind

Listen For Me in the Wind
Listen For Me in the Wind
Listen For Me in the Wind
Listen For Me in the Wind

The cooling breath of The Most High Yah
will cool the heat of pain
that gripping constriction that happens at the center of your chest
and threatens to take each breath
I hear you asking
“How do I move through, pray through, see through this moment?”
“How do I not become locked in, trapped, frozen in this
seeming solitude where my world is spinning out of orbit?”
“How do I ground myself, find sure footing and trust to take a step?”
I’ll help you, just

Listen for me in the wind
Listen for me in the wind

The all-encompassing arms of the Most High Yah
will encircle you, wrap you up and carry you away on
clouds of peace
beyond your understanding, your questions, your fears.
You can be raptured by the comfort of The One who formed you.
He knows you best and His strength can bear you.
If you think He turned from you, you lost Him,
can’t find Him, can’t feel Him,
I can lead you back to Him if you

Listen for me in the wind
Listen for me in the wind

The heart of The Most High Yah
can return yours to a steady rhythm
He can regulate the pulse of life so you can engage again.
He reminds you that there is no guilt in continuation.
That is the greatest honor you can give me my heart
Beats through yours now and I’m dancing to the cadence life creates.
Won’t you dance with me now
Won’t you dance with me now as you just

Listen for me in the wind
Listen for me in the wind
Listen for me in the wind
Listen for me in the wind

I took a journey to see you years down the road and I
ran back to tell you you were okay. You made it through.
Your heart was open, your spirit had relief.
You were smiling, laughing and totally free.
It made me so happy to see you and I so need to let you know
that you are 30 times stronger than you were a moment ago.

I’m watching, praying and cheering for you so
recognize me when I come to visit you, console you,
check on you for I am now in all things Yah.

I am the cooling water of the bubbling brook.
I am the leaf lilting off the tree as you walk our favorite path.
I am the blade of grass pushing up through the soil.
I am the flower opening just so as you bend to smell it.
I am the smile on the faces of the children you meet.
I am the voice of the bird that sings outside your window.
I am the frog that hops across your path.
I am the strength that shows up right at the moment you would break down.
I am the Spirit that massages your heart when all is quiet.
I am dancing in the flickering flame of the fire lit to warm you in the cold. I am that tickle when I kiss you upon your cheek.
I am the light rain drops that revive you in the heat.
I am the ray pushing out the darkness.

So stand in the breeze of the Most High Yah
Letting it refresh you
carrying you far from the moment the unthinkable happened.
Turn your face to the sun and long for the dawning of a new day.
Let the joy I gave you replicate itself within you for all days to come.

Hear the voice of the Most High Yah
whispering His love to you
assuring you that I am still here because
energy cannot die.
I am in the wind telling you to grab hold of hope and live.

Listen for me in the wind.


released September 1, 2020


all rights reserved



Fhena Atlanta, Georgia

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